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Better Quest

Find unique health insights from de-identified digital health interactions.

Real-world patient generated health insights can help improve patient outcomes. Built custom digital interventions and custom remote protocols to help individuals at scale.

The "BetterQuest" experience is built on top of the Bowhead Platform, which has over 100,000 digital health wallets and is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR and has Independent Ethics Review from Veritas IRB.

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Create delightful health spaces

Empower patients to communicate using Privacy by Design

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Conduct real world research in the Metaverse

Engage with larger, diverse communities of patients who are interested in advancing your research. Contact us to reach your therapeutic areas research interest.

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Empower patients

No personal identifiable information is collected. No emails, phone numbers. Patients have a cryptographic key (recovery seed) to authenticate themselves and all data remains encrypted in transit and at rest.

Easy-to-use Privacy by Design

Smart contracts are self executable program which enable data to be securely exchanged between parties without a middleman. This means if a patient wants to, for example, share data with their doctor... the patient executes a smart contract with their doctor and can revoke consent, all transparently recorded on the blockchain.

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